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If you want to build, you need bricks. To make those bricks stick together, you need mortar. Mortar is made from sand and chalk.

That’s who we might be: sable et chaux – sand and chalk. The basic materials needed for making those bricks stick together. What we intend to build? Bridges. Bridges between places, cultures, artists, cultural activists and cultural practitioners. Artists, cultural practitioners and cultural activists are the bricks and together we build bridges. Bridges for ourselves and for those who wish to cross or meet in the middle.

The Who

We are highly curious people with a strong belief that exchange, dialogue and shared activities are of great importance - for creative as much as for social reasons: exchange leads to empowerment, meaningful conversations, the creation of renewed mental space, opportunities and last but not least joy and connection.

The How

Sable et Chaux, based in Switzerland, was founded as a non-profit association in 2022 and is bound to develop into a platform that initiates, conceives, accompanies and implements intercultural activities and projects with the aim of creating sustainable exchange between Swiss art and culture professionals and art and culture professionals from the S.W.A.N.A region and other parts of the world.  
The projects and activities include artistic collaborations as well as networking activities, knowledge transfer and mobility between cultural institutions and cultural practitioners from different regions.

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