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Open Call Residency in Algeria
8. - 20. April


Description: Open Call for a 12-day residency trip in Algeria: 8. - 20. April, 2023
The residency is designed for musicians from Switzerland who want to break out of their daily routine and have a unique life experience in Algeria. The residency is linked to a journey that can be used as inspiration, exchange and field research of sounds (or silence) in the Sahara desert. The destination of the trip is Sefar in Algeria, an ancient, formerly hidden and forgotten city in the heart of the Tassili n'Ajjer mountains, more than 2400 km south of Algiers.

The application deadline for this has passed.
There will be another similar residency in summer 2023: Keep your eyes open!

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Selection current projects


As part of All-Around Culture1 Thoulathy 2 initiates and supports collaborations of cultural organisations between countries from the North and the South (geographically spoken).

A collaborative project 3 between Moving Stones, Transmitting Voices and Sable et Chaux has been selected for the «Thoulathy: Cross-Border Collaboration» project starting in summer 2022.

Thoulathy aims to:

  • Hold a space to create partnerships and exchange knowledge

  • Support building needed capacities to enable cultural organisations to collaborate regionally/ internationally using mentorship and peer learning

  • Increase competences for knowledge transfer and intercultural dialogue among cultural organisations

  • Support the mobility of cultural managers and programmers across the Arab region and internationally

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Sounds from all
over the world

Feeds_1_Airtime Pilot.jpeg

The Covid-19 pandemic has made it extremely difficult for musicians from the global South and East to perform and tour in Switzerland. The radio programme called
airtime! 1, starting in February 2022, invites selected musicians from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Latin America to present their work and music on five independent Swiss radio stations (UNIKOM radios). The collaborative project, uniting Radio X, Radio RaBe, Radio 3fach, Radio Gwen and Radio Kanal K, was initiated by
artlink 2 and Südkulturfonds with the much-appreciated support of SRKS (Stiftung Radio und Kultur Schweiz) and Swissperform.

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