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The Who

Sandro Bernasconi

A networker in the local and international music scene for years, Sandro enjoys to initiate and curate new projects and programme formats with a hint of innovation and a specific creative force.He’s also committed to strengthening music culture at local and national political level.Goals:  Promoting sustainability in cultural exchange between cultural practitioners from Switzerland and other countries of the world, perhaps leading to friendship and a shared meal.
Hello Sandro!

Marcel Bieri

Co-founder of the B-Sides Festival in Lucerne, and a tireless networker and cultural creator, always wholeheartedly involved.He is the driving force behind the exchange with Tunisia (Sailing Stones / Moving Stones) and supports countless other projects in Switzerland with his many years of experience.Goals:He would like to level inequality and bring North African musicians to Europe as equal partners, while Swiss musicians should go the other way.

Hello Marcel!

Julia Foster

Cultural actor with a not so secret passion for photography. She’s been active in the live music sector for about 15 years as an artistic director, production manager, communication manager and sometimes image-maker. Currently working for the music venue Fri-Son, as well as a freelancer for bands and institutions. She is involved  in several cultural exchange projects with artists and cultural actors from the S.W.A.N.A region. Special interest in anything related to Yemen and accessibility for people with a vulnerability / disability.Goals: Create meaningful interactions and connections through art and culture. Share a cup of coffee and a piece of cake every now and then.

Hello Julia!

Rim Harrabi

Rim Harrabi has been part of Sable & Chaux since 2023. She is active in the Transmitting Stones project and helps us to expand and deepen the network with Tunisia and Algeria.

Rim Harrabi is a cultural practitioner, visual artist and filmmaker based in Tunisia. She has discovered her passion for collaborative art projects with fellow artists and collectives both in Tunisia and beyond. In 2021, Rim co-directed two documentaries as part of the WOMEN IN DOX program, which were screened at several festivals such as FESPACO, Oberhausen Short Film Festival, and Medfilm Festival. Rim has also showcased her video work in local and international visual art group shows and festivals. Currently, she is in post-production for her first feature documentary, 'Passengers.' 

In addition to her filmmaking endeavors, Rim serves as a promoter and host for her monthly show SARAB on Radio Sygma. Through this show, she introduces audiences to sonic experimentations and music from the SWANA region. Particularly noteworthy is her recent curation of a 69-track solidarity compilation for Palestine under the SARAB banner.

Hello Rim

Réda Mehenni

Réda Mehenni has been part of Sable & Chaux since 2023. He is active in the Transmitting Stones project and helps us to expand and deepen the network with Algeria and Tunisia. He is the ounder of the EL Moutanakil in 2018, a cultural and musical platform that brings together research, creation, experimentation and archiving through artistic residencies, workshops and cultural exchange. He founded Open Hi Hat Records - music label in 2022 and the Algerian Experimental Art collective.
Hello Réda

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